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  1. Margaret Rochon said:

    I am a recent graduate from The Ohio State University, with degrees in Political Science and International Studies. I’ve been published in every article of Working World Magazine since January 2015, and manage a both a personal, and professional (combatveterantocareer.org/news-blog/) blogs. I am interested in writing opinion pieces as well as pieces that cover stories about things going on in politics in Ohio.

  2. Joseph C. Wilson said:

    America Inc.

    In 2008 and again in 2012, the voters elected a Presidential candidate that promised unity and offered hope and change, but 7 years later our Nation is more divided than ever. With the much anticipated 2016 elections drawing closer, conservative candidates must begin to demonstrate solidarity of purpose if they hope to be successful. The survival of our Constitution, individual rights and freedom, and the lifestyle our children will inherit is at stake.

    As the Republican candidates emerge, each will be confident that they can lead us down a path to salvation, but, once again, each will seem deficient in some way. While there is never going to be a perfect candidate, this group of patriotic Americans could probably make an awesome TEAM!

    When you look at the previous 2012 flock, each candidate showed proficiency or exceptional ability in some area. Newt was by far the best debater! He had the guts to stand his ground and not be bullied by an opponent. Mitt was obviously the most accomplished businessman and the most experienced organizer while Ron’s understanding of economics and central banking issues was unsurpassed. Even those who dropped out of the fray exhibited abilities and talents that could and should have been utilized within a Republican administration.

    Look inside any successful organization in the “private sector” and you will find an executive who endeavors to create an environment that utilizes the strengths of those around them to achieve defined goals. So far, I see no evidence of such leadership or planning being offered by any of these “resume reading candidates”! Unfortunately, most of them continue to respond to the “mudslinger or gotcha mentality” which only fuels the media’s quest for ratings. Conservative voters expect more than this from candidates who desire to lead within our State and our Nation.

    If the Republicans are serious about winning in 2016, I believe it’s critical for them to re-invent the way they are perceived. The media has successfully labeled the GOP as the “Party of NO.” Yes, the Constitution was intended to limit the power of government; not expand it! Since many voters seem ignorant that this is how the Constitution is supposed to work, find ways to utilize these debate forums the media willingly provides to educate and inform. How do you think the “left wing media” would react if, at the next debate, candidates would only say positive and supportive things about the others, respond to questions with Constitutional justification, and promote the American Exceptionalism only our Constitution provides? Then ask yourself, how do you think potential voters would respond to such a demonstration of solidarity?

    Start thinking outside of the beltway GOP; especially when it comes to nominations at the next Convention! Instead of offering the voters another “take it or leave it” ticket like the Republicans have done in the past, why not offer Americans a broader choice and pick a board of directors like they do in business. From today forward, let’s focus on the common goal of returning our Constitutional Republic to fiscal and personal responsibility by offering America the plan and the personnel to accomplish this daunting task!

    America Inc. would not just nominate a President and Vice President, they would also be picking a TEAM by announcing who would fill the cabinet positions and head the Federal Reserve. How about another clearly defined mission statement with specific goals and a timeline? In other words, form an alliance that states how we will utilize the individual strengths found within this group and broaden the appeal to the voting public. The Democrats have been playing the same cards for years, so create a winning hand and double down that the American voter can still recognize the contrast!

    This negativity and divisiveness must end today! Instead of ripping and fragmenting each other and responding to unsubstantiated media accusations, candidates need to take command and demonstrate some real leadership and the ability to unify. After all, if they want the Commander in Chief’s job, shouldn’t they start by showing the voters they can actually be one?

    Joseph C. Wilson
    Dayton, Ohio