Tony Rubio

Featured-Columnist---Tony-RubioOscar A. (Tony) Rubio is a writer who returned to Cincinnati, Ohio in 2006 after a 29-year journey which took him to three southwestern Ohio cities and one in northern Kentucky.  He is a member of the St. Xavier High School class of 1973 and earned his degree from Miami University in Applied Science majoring in what was then known as Paper Technology.

He worked for 23 years in the technical department at a West Carrollton, Ohio paper mill.  His final position was Product Development Team Leader when the mill was closed in the spring of 2001.  After some time in financial services and in retail, he has turned to his passion of writing.

In college, Tony was a founding co-editor of the paper department’s student newsletter.  He contributed to and often edited the paper mill’s employee periodicals.  He also served as bulletin editor for the Ohio section of TAPPI (Technical Assoc. of the Paper Industry) from 1978-82.  After leaving the paper industry, he stayed in the writing world by assisting with newsletters for a financial planner and for a homeowner’s association.

His interest in effective communication started with his late maternal grandfather, William C. Boyce, who was a professor emeritus of English at the University of Cincinnati.  The family tradition is carried on by Tony’s son, Jeremy, who is an instructor of English at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.  Tony started two blogs last year, the older of which has been viewed by people from sixty countries ( and  He’s waiting for the writing bug to hit his two daughters next!  One has a masters in psychology and the other has a bachelor’s in criminal justice.  It would make for interesting reading.

A political independent, Tony uses a wide range of interests in his writing.  Knowledge of history, politics, Catholic apologetics, baseball, science and other disciplines are likely to influence his articles at any time.  Being raised by a Colombian-born father and a Cincinnatian mother gives him a broad perspective of issues.

Just like the founders of the Ohio Conservative Review, one of his gloomiest days was that infamous November 6, 2012 which is giving us four more years of Obama & Secular Humanism.  Tony’s mission is to ensure that virtuous social and economic values can regain the lead position in the creation of national policy.


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