Tony Corvo

tony-corvo-FCTony is a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel with a PhD in physics. He was born in Italy and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He received his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees, both in physics, from Cleveland State University.

Tony joined the Air Force after receiving his Master’s degree, and was commissioned a second lieutenant in 1978. His first Air Force assignment was as a flight test engineer where he got to fly back seat in the F-101 and F-106 aircraft. As he puts it, “I wasn’t the first to go Mach 1+ but it was fun nevertheless.” He won an Air Force PhD scholarship and was awarded his doctorate in physics (nonlinear optics) from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1987.Tony then worked for six years in the Strategic Defense Initiative’s (a.k.a. Star Wars) high energy laser program in both DoD and DoE laboratories. During this time he authored a number of technical articles and won the United States Air Force Research and Development Award which was presented at the Pentagon. Tony’s last assignment before retiring in 1998 was with the Office of the Inspector General at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio.

Since retiring from the Air Force, Tony has worked in software and hardware development, aerospace modeling and simulation and in various other technical and managerial positions. He has also taught as an adjunct physics and mathematics professor at the University of Dayton and Sinclair Community College.

Tony was active in the FairTax movement as a community coordinator and co-managed a local political action committee for four years that dealt with a myriad of local issues. Tony is still active in local Beavercreek, Ohio politics and is the author of All Politics is Loco: Musings from the Conservative Next Door. He and his wife, Donna, have two grown daughters. His oldest daughter, Julie, and her husband, Matt, are both practicing attorneys and were White House interns during the George W. Bush administration. His youngest daughter, Sarah, is currently in nursing school.



  1. Harvey R. Tuck said:

    Tony, Did the Dayton Daily News forward my e-mail concerning your article “Breaking Bread”?

    • Tony Corvo said:

      Sorry Harvey, I just noticed your email today. No, the DDN did not forward your email. You can send me it to the email listed above. Thanks.


  2. Hora said:

    I will like what about all conservative live in OH, what kind of fight against we natural enemy Demon Nazi liberals? In 36 years I in USA I was believe are Republican, but that no more, I considered a deep conservative independent also I believe OH are red and Nazi are minority.I am 67 and disable and move to senior apartment, and real are impossible live with liberals, but I no have any choice move out, liberals are evil disgusting nasty, nothing in this word are worse who liberals . Most Republican was sell hersell to enemy, became deep corrupt, but senior are who suffer more with low income SS. I don’t won be friend from any liberal and prefer be alone with my dog, I learn hate liberals how hate my because I am white.

  3. Jerry said:

    Col.; I am an 84 year old AF Vet … ’52-’56 , Radio Operator both high speed Morse Code and some time in the C-119 Flying Boxcar with 15 months in the Far East … 2 Korea, 6 Japan and 7 back in Korea. In my 10th year as a AF Museum Volunteer following my move from NJ to Ohio 10 years ago. May I indulge you with some thoughts, by email, concerning my concerns concerning the coming election?

  4. Mike said:

    Mr. Corvo, thank you for your lucid article today in PJMEDIA. Its description of nuclear drills in elementary school in the Cleveland area brought back vivid memories of my own (at Belvoir Elementary School in University Hts., Ohio, near John Carroll University). President Obama himself made a statement that is remarkable for its artful ambiguity. Indeed, it is difficult to understand how so many political leaders in this hemisphere — including Justin Trudeau and the first Pope to hail from the Americas — are casting a romantic glow around the death of Fidel Castro.

    Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump and irrespective of one’s party affiliation, thank goodness for the moral clarity of the President-elect — his statement today respects not only the Republican Party but also a former national consensus shared by the Democratic Party of the late Pres. Harry Truman, Pres. JFK, NE Ohio Rep. Charles Vanick and Sen. Scoop Jackson. This consensus has been lost with the passing of the Greatest Generation and amidst the social upheavals of the Boomer years.

  5. Jerry said:

    Guess no one will stand for ‘some who gave all’ when Sherrod Brown voted NO In support for our military and cast his lot with George Soros (self proclaimed WWII Nazi sympathizer

    S/Sgt USAF Radio Operator, C-119 Flying Boxcar
    ’52-’56 9 Months Korea, 6 months Japan …
    2007-2016 10 yr volunteer, AF Museum