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READ the Fine Print on Local Ballot Issues

READ the Fine Print on Local Ballot Issues

Four years ago, I came across the first tax levy I had ever seen with no expiration date.  This seemed very audacious so I re-read it several times and finally realized it was a clever attempt to slip an endless money grab which had no accountability.  It was the 2011 Cincinnati Public Schools tax levy. 

Whose Money Is It — Yours or ODT’s?

The government may owe you money! It sounds like a line from a too-good-to-be-true infomercial or internet ad, but unfortunately, in Ohio, it was very recently the case. The Ohio Department of Taxation has been exposed for improperly withholding $31 million in business tax refunds. A recent Inspector General’s report revealed that not only was

On Toilets, Taxes, and Tyranny

Under our federal income tax system, nearly all monetary or in-kind transactions are taxable, even between family members. True, our federal policymakers do allow deductions and exemptions, but all deductions and most exemptions are still reportable acts. Considering the number of human transactions that involve some type of compensation, our federal tax system is essentially

Healthy Tax Reform, Harmful Medicaid Expansion

The Great Recession has hit the Buckeye State hard. According to statistics from the federal government, over the past ten years, Ohio experienced the third slowest growth in population, and second slowest growth in GDP and employment, among the 50 states. During a decade when our state’s population grew by 123,000, our state’s economy lost