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We Need a Balanced Budget, But NOT a Balanced Budget Amendment

We Need a Balanced Budget, But NOT a Balanced Budget Amendment

With another budget deadline looming, the Democrats continue to be opposed to the idea that to cut spending is crucial in tackling our nation’s $17+ trillion deficit.[1]  They’re wishing that the economy will grow in a time when most of the big impact laws emanating from their Senate majority can only do the opposite.  Of

FOLLOW-UP: Nobody Is Qualified To Be the Next Fed Chair

As expected, the hype over Janet Yellen’s qualifications as Fed Chair swells with every passing moment.  This hype grows despite that she had no idea that the 2008 financial crisis was coming [read on OCR: “Janet Yellen Will Consume Our Economy with Fireballs from Her Eyes”].  Ben Bernanke didn’t see the crisis coming either (see

Our Coming Economic Collapse, Part 4: Lessons from History

The last century proved that the economic recovery requires a liquidation of the market.  In 1916, the U.S. was on the verge of entering World War 1.  President Wilson needed access to the Fed’s ability to create money to fund the war.  The Federal Reserve Act was revised to allow the Fed to hold treasury

Our Coming Economic Collapse, Part 3: Our Recent Boom & Bust Cycles

The cycle of artificial booms and busts described in Part 2 of this series happened under the Clinton and Bush presidencies.  In the early 1990s, the Funds rate was 8%. By 1993, the year of Clinton’s infamous tax increase, the Funds rate was in the 3% range and the Funds rate stayed in the 4-5%