Paula Westwood

Featured-ColumnistPaula Westwood has served as Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati since September 2002. Before joining Right to Life, she was involved with pro-life and political activities for several decades at the grassroots level through such activities such as sidewalk counseling, political involvement for pro-life candidates, county political Executive Committee membership and officer, various support of pregnancy care centers, and more.

As Executive Director, Paula works with the board and membership to support and encourage pro-life legislators and candidates, further pro-life legislation, monitor public and private organizations (including abortion providers) on life-related decisions and practices, work with and support other like-minded organizations, and keep the pro-life truth visible before the public through media, events, activism, and any other means possible.

Paula is a board member for Ohio ProLife Action, a planning committee member for the annual Ohio LifeTech Conference held in Dayton; Cincinnati Co-Chair for the Cross the Bridge for Life area wide pro-life walk every June; and weekly pro-life news contributor to the Son Rise Morning Show with on Sacred Heart Radio/EWTN.

She has been happily married to Greg Westwood for 35 years and they are the parents of three pro-life daughters. A favorite reminders is:

Veritas Vincit Omnia

“Truth Conquers All”