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IRS Censoring 501(c)(4)s, Part 3: The First Amendment Chokehold & Steps Forward

IRS Censoring 501(c)(4)s, Part 3: The First Amendment Chokehold & Steps Forward

[Editor’s note: Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series on OCR.] The IRS Promulgates Rules Designed to Choke the First Amendment After the intense media scrutiny that followed the revelations of the nature and extent of the IRS plan to target Center-Right groups and the resulting Congressional investigations, the IRS and the

IRS Censoring 501(c)(4)s, Part 2: Current Attacks and TEA Party Targeting

[Editor’s note: Check out Part 1 of this series on OCR.] The Current Attacks on Section 501(c)(4) Organizations As noted in the previous section of this article, the simple truth is that it has always been understood that Section 501(c)(4) organizations have a political “agenda,” because they are designed to be advocacy organizations for specific

Setting the Record Straight on Censorship, 501(c)(4)s, and the IRS, Part 1

Introduction Ever since the IRS targeting scandal erupted last Spring, we have been fed incomplete and incorrect information regarding the laws that affect organizations that are used for advocacy purposes.  The goal of this 3-part series is to correct many of these misstatements and half-truths while giving you a brief reference document that is useful

Q&A on The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”)

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (the “ACA” or “ObamaCare”) has occupied the public debate for the last several months. However, much of the media coverage of these issues is highly inaccurate and generally untrustworthy. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of accurate information flowing from the political class in Washington,

PRESS RELEASE: Ohio Conservative Review Proves Its First Strike Capability

This week Ohio Conservative Review (OhioConservativeReview.com) once again showed its First Strike capability when it published two breaking articles–ahead of other outlets–related to defunding the Affordable Care Act and a possible government shutdown. The articles, by OCR Featured Contributors Tom Zawistowski and William Todd, give two different yet complementary perspectives on the issue of defunding

So What Really Happens If you ‘Shut Down’ the Federal Government?

[Editor’s note: RELATED on OCR: “An Ohio TEA Party’s Open Letter to Congress”] There has been a great deal of discussion the last few weeks over the concept of “defunding” ObamaCare.  As I understand the debate, the proponents of “defunding” believe and argue that ObamaCare will simply disappear if the Congress and the President fail

A Conservative’s Defense of Governor Kasich’s Proposed Medicaid Expansion

Be sure to take our poll on expanding Medicaid once you have finished reading the article. It is well known that Governor John Kasich proposed to expand Ohio’s Medicaid program to an additional 275,000 low-income Ohioans, as part of the state’s biennium budget.  The Governor’s proposal came as a surprise to many observers and drew