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Alexis de Tocqueville and Soccer in America

Alexis de Tocqueville and Soccer in America

They say never bring up politics or religion in social settings; I think you can add sports to that list. Recently I was having dinner with friends at a place that had the World Cup on monitors around the room, when one person at the table mentioned he heard that 100,000 Americans are in Brazil

Turn In Your Man Card (Happy Father’s Day!)

Lisa Hickey, publisher of The Good Men Project and CEO of Good Men Media, Inc., recently published the article “The Patterns in Mass Shootings and a Conversation about Men.” The Dayton Daily News reprinted the article on June 1 as a full page editorial. In Hickey’s viewpoint, because mass murderers are mostly men, to stop

US, Russia, Obama and Putin: Slouching Toward Distraction

During the Cold War, it was commonly thought the US and the USSR were the world’s only superpowers (during this time China barely reached a want-to-be status). However, when one examines the definition of a superpower, reality is much different than perception. Andrei Gromyko, the former Soviet Minister of Foreign Affairs, defined a superpower as

Nightmare on Main Street: ‘All Politics Is Local’

Many of us rant about what goes on in the halls of Congress but know very little about what goes on in our town halls. This is ironic considering we have a greater chance of influencing a local issue than some grand scheme being concocted in Washington DC. More importantly, local politics is too often

Editors’ Pick: The Bryan Williams Radio Hour, 1-26-14

  An OCR Editors’ favorite, this episode of The Bryan Williams Radio Hour is a content-rich, strategy-minded, distinction-heavy rundown of the GOP’s need to act, during a crucial and narrow window, to reform the United States’ broken immigration system. Featured Contributors Carl Ruby and Tony Corvo join Bryan Williams.  Bryan grounds the article in Carl’s article, “Carpe Diem

The First Amendment for a ‘Christian Nation’

America’s national pastime is no longer baseball; it’s litigation. And it’s that time of the year when our litigation specifically turns to mangers, evergreen trees, and school band music. The frenzy to eliminate all aspects of Christmas as a religious event has produced both legitimate concerns as well as paranoia. So it is not surprising

Golf and Taxes

 “Who did you pass on the road?” the King asked. “Nobody,” said the Messenger. “Quite right,” said the King; “this young lady saw him too. So of course Nobody walks slower than you.” ~Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There Since it opened in 1997, the Beavercreek, OH municipal golf course

Sympathy for the Devil: The Beavercreek Bus Saga

For those of you not lucky enough to live in Beavercreek, Ohio, you may not be familiar with our bus stop controversy. Basically, the Regional Transit Authority (RTA), which predominantly serves Dayton and the larger Montgomery County area, wants to construct several bus stops that would be located in our northern business district. Among other

An Immigrant’s View on Immigration, Part 4: What the Liberal Intelligentsia Has Never Understood

In Part 3 of this series I discussed how changes in social thought created new federal laws to deal with past minority injustices and how these changes have shifted us from a melting pot toward a mosaic. This required the Liberal Intelligentsia to minimize, and in many cases outright eliminate, the legitimacy of American Exceptionalism.