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Should Term Limits Be Extended for Ohio Legislators?

Should Term Limits Be Extended for Ohio Legislators?

Should term limits be extended from eight to twelve years for Ohio legislators? That’s the question being considered by the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commision, and if some career politicians and Columbus insiders get their way, Ohioans will see the issue on the ballot in 2015 or 2016. Ohio first enacted term limits in 1992, when

Fundamental Failure: Obamacare Deductibles Too Steep for Primary Consumers

At a recent meeting of the Wayne County Commissioners in Wooster, Ohio, the director of a local clinic that provides medical care for low income individuals said that the high deductibles in the federal Exchanges have created new barriers to health care and that the expansion of Medicaid has shifted the burden of low income

Ohio Republican Party Should Be Ashamed of Its Attacks on Fellow Republicans

The Ohio Republican Party and some of its supported candidates should be ashamed of their conduct in the 2014 primary election. As the election season draws to a close, some in the Republican establishment have not only escalated attacks on conservative candidates who are challenging incumbents, but the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) has violated its

In Their Own Words: Matt Lynch vs. Dave Joyce for OH-14

The Republican primary race in the 14th congressional district between State Rep. Matt Lynch and Congressman Dave Joyce has been one of the most contested — and contentious — of this year’s primary. It’s a story of the Tea Party vs. the Republican establishment. Endorsements vs. PAC money. Ideology vs. pragmatism. David vs. Goliath. [RELATED

Ohio Right To Life Endorsements Shake Up Republican Primary

In case you missed it, Ohio Right to Life (ORTL) threw a wrench into what was a rather predictable primary election by making some surprising endorsements through the group’s Ohio Right to Life PAC. Not only did ORTL endorse several Democrats and several members of the Ohio House who were not endorsed by the Ohio

How Republicans Should Talk about Women’s Issues

Just when you thought it was safe to sit back and enjoy a short respite from the contrived War on Women, Democrats, including 2014 candidates in Ohio, are warming up the war machine in anticipation of this year’s election and the 2016 presidential campaign. First we have gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald who, after his first

The Consequences of Failing to ‘Trust But Verify’ Our Leaders

Somewhere along the way conservatives forgot about President Reagan’s famous maxim: “Trust but verify.” With Reagan’s ascent to power and, simultaneously, the rise of the modern conservative movement, a host of organizations also gained power, many of them claiming to advocate for limited government, lower taxes, and family values. Because these groups were well-organized, well-funded,

What Must Conservatives Do to Win? – Part 3

[Editor’s note: In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, Featured Contributor Paula Bolyard offers four suggestions for furthering causes that conservatives care so deeply about. She writes, “… it’s by no means an exhaustive list and I offer it with the hope we can have a healthy (but civil) debate in the conservative