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Celebrating the Signers on July 4: An Independence Day Message for Patriots

It seems patriotism is slipping these days. Were my patriotism inspired by the quality of our elected leaders or the condition of our economy, culture, and standing abroad, mine might be slipping too. Fortunately, my patriotism and yours springs from a deeper, truer source. On this 238th birthday of America, our sense of patriotism can be restored

OCR Streetview: Politicians, Corporate Sponsors Redefine Equality at Columbus Pride Parade

  The Democratic candidate for Ohio governor, Ed Fitzgerald, shook my hand on High Street in Columbus at the June 21st “Pride” parade honoring LGBT lifestyles. Eager to show support for what many Ohioans consider radical moral upheaval, Fitzgerald and numerous supporters in “Fitzgerald for Governor” T-shirts worked the crowd — on both sides of

OCR on the Air: Contrary to Spin-Doctors’ Claims, Super-Majority of Ohio Republicans and Churches Support Natural Marriage

  OCR Featured Contributor Charles Tassell joined guest-host and former Mayor Don Robart (R-Cuyahoga Falls) to set the record straight on disputed reports about the number of Republican Ohio officials on record in support of same-sex marriage. The total is strikingly few, according to a recent press release from Citizens for Community Values (CCV), which was picked

Ohio Republican Party Should Be Ashamed of Its Attacks on Fellow Republicans

The Ohio Republican Party and some of its supported candidates should be ashamed of their conduct in the 2014 primary election. As the election season draws to a close, some in the Republican establishment have not only escalated attacks on conservative candidates who are challenging incumbents, but the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) has violated its

In Their Own Words: Matt Lynch vs. Dave Joyce for OH-14

The Republican primary race in the 14th congressional district between State Rep. Matt Lynch and Congressman Dave Joyce has been one of the most contested — and contentious — of this year’s primary. It’s a story of the Tea Party vs. the Republican establishment. Endorsements vs. PAC money. Ideology vs. pragmatism. David vs. Goliath. [RELATED

The Desperate Dishonesty of Doug Chamberlain

Right now these sophomores and thousands of other Ohioans are waking up to another stroke of irony. The “Honorable” Doug Chamberlain, a family court judge and career lawyer, has let slip the dogs of war against frontrunner Nino Vitale with two flagrantly dishonest ad hominem attacks.

Confrontational Politics and the Common Core

[Editor’s note: This article was originally published by OCR on July 26, 2013.] When my wife and I started homeschooling in 1986, it was mainly because we knew the condition of the public schools–and the agenda of a socialistic bureaucracy that steered it through the National Education Association and its state affiliates. So imagine our

Why I Proposed H.B. 237 to Repeal Common Core in Ohio

[Editor’s note: This article was originally published by OCR on August 6, 2013.] In 2009, when asked about specifics pertaining to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi famously stated that the bill would need to be passed in order to find out what was