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Political Report: Traditional Strategy Gives Way to ‘Outrage & Turn Out’

In his first report for OCR since his extensive, 3-part technical analysis of the damages of the Affordable Care Act to Ohioans, Featured Contributor Joshua Brown, Esq., reveals how and why the bottom has fallen out from the traditional political strategy of “triangulation.” Its replacement? For now, we’ll call it “Outrage and Turn Out.” Josh Brown,

EPA Rules Will Hit African-Americans Hardest in Ohio

President Obama continuously cites his concern for “income inequality” in America while conveniently avoiding discussion of the “energy insecurity” that will ensue from his proposed carbon regulations. A recent report issued by the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) examined the proposed carbon regulations and the energy insecurity that will result in coal-heavy states like ours. [RELATED

An Internet Sales Tax Is Bad for the Young People of Ohio

One surefire sign something’s working? The government wants to tax it. Alas, it was only a matter of time before the Internet — the one sphere of enterprise that has remained relatively free from regulation — started coming under attack. This time, the government’s efforts take the form of a bill called the Marketplace Fairness

Rebuttal: No, “Pro-Lifer,” Supporting Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make You More Pro-Life

Recently an article entitled “In Defense of Gay Marriage, from a Pro-Life Republican” appeared on the blog Third Base Politics. The author, Councilman Phil Van Treuren of Amherst, Ohio, advances the premise that the pro-life movement must embrace marriage redefinition. Van Treuren castigates Cleveland Right to Life and other pro-life groups that maintain that traditional

Common Core Repeal Bill ‘Sub HB 597’ a Campaign Tool, Unlike Legitimate HB 237

In August of 2013, Rep. Thompson (R-Marietta) introduced House Bill 237 to repeal Common Core (CC) in Ohio. The bill never budged. In an attempt to give the bill some traction, Rep. John Adams (R-Sidney) introduced a discharge petition. The bill still didn’t budge. [RELATED on OCR: “Why I Proposed H.B. 237 to Repeal Common

Fundamental Failure: Obamacare Deductibles Too Steep for Primary Consumers

At a recent meeting of the Wayne County Commissioners in Wooster, Ohio, the director of a local clinic that provides medical care for low income individuals said that the high deductibles in the federal Exchanges have created new barriers to health care and that the expansion of Medicaid has shifted the burden of low income

Good Things Come in Threes: The Future Is Brightening for Millennials in Ohio

Good things come in threes. Cleveland now has three things headed its way that can help boost the economy and morale of the city: LeBron James, Johnny Manziel, and the GOP Convention. No doubt, young people in Ohio will be paying close attention to the first two , as these superstars are great for the

What Is the Future of Iraq Without Christians and Other Religious Groups?

As an American whose homeland was once Baghdad, Iraq, it causes great sadness to see the ISIS, “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria,” occupy Mosul, the second-largest province in Iraq after Baghdad, also known as “Nineveh.” Many Americans probably don’t realize that they may have closer ties than they think to the lives being destroyed