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READ the Fine Print on Local Ballot Issues

READ the Fine Print on Local Ballot Issues

Four years ago, I came across the first tax levy I had ever seen with no expiration date.  This seemed very audacious so I re-read it several times and finally realized it was a clever attempt to slip an endless money grab which had no accountability.  It was the 2011 Cincinnati Public Schools tax levy. 

5 Commonsense Steps Toward Ohio’s Economic Leadership

At the turn of the 20th Century, my great-great grandfather was the village blacksmith in my hometown of Cardington. He worked hard to support his family and serve our community. He, and millions like him across our state, was part of a generation of Ohioans that brought light and flight to the world, revolutionized the

The Real Significance of the Popular Vote in Ireland: Making Gay Marriage Legal

While headlines celebrate the significance of Ireland voting to become the first nation in the world to make gay marriage legal, the real significance of the vote may be found in the U.S. Supreme Court. In a case before the Supreme Court right now, from the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit,

Tired of Being a Political Punching Bag? Here Is What You Can Do Today to Make a BIG Difference.

View or download a PDF of this article by clicking here. This photograph was taken in 1940 at the outset of World War II. It’s of faces in the crowd as France’s liberty falls to the Nazis. Look at the lady to the left — look at her hands. You can easily read the thought on

Should Term Limits Be Extended for Ohio Legislators?

Should term limits be extended from eight to twelve years for Ohio legislators? That’s the question being considered by the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commision, and if some career politicians and Columbus insiders get their way, Ohioans will see the issue on the ballot in 2015 or 2016. Ohio first enacted term limits in 1992, when

Municipal Power Aggregation: Power to the People or Revenue Ruse?

(Image: SecretDisc via Wikimedia Commons) “After all, what fun is there to hold a political office if people are allowed to largely manage their own lives?” Since the deregulation of electric and natural gas markets, the number of electric and gas suppliers has mushroomed giving consumers a competitive marketplace to shop for the lowest power

Common Core: Slingshot to Progress or Spider Web? Part 4 of 5 [The probability of a national curriculum and a not-so-hidden agenda]

The first three segments of this series covered the initial philosophy and strategies of the Common Core project, the actual writing of the standards with comparisons to existing standards, the true level of involvement of the states and teachers in the process, and the arbitrary rush to get the standards approved. [Read Part 1, Part

Abatements for Thee but Not for Me?

As Franklin County property owners, including myself, recently paid our first installment of real estate taxes, the time seems right to review the worst-kept secret in the state: Franklin County residents pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation – except for the growing numbers of residents who pay almost nothing. Most Franklin

Is the Right Finally Learning? ‘Policy Rich’ and ‘Politically Poor’ Won’t Cut It

Despite what Jon Stewart says, most conservative activists that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the last twenty-three years that I have been involved in politics are really well-informed people. They listen to a lot of talk radio, read a lot of books, and watch a lot of news shows. If the ratings