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First Republican Debate: Second Session or “Top Ten”

First Republican Debate: Second Session or “Top Ten”

[RELATED on OCR: First Republican Debate: Some Who Missed the “First Cut” are Actually a “Cut Above”] Fox News moderated the first Republican debate, or perhaps “group interview,” on August 6, 2015.  The session prior to this one was for those seven declared candidates who were not in the Top Ten of likely voters in


Man v. God: A Wager for the Rights of Men

“When it comes to the source of human rights, it would be smart for agnostics to at least pretend to believe in God.” Chris Cuomo is the son of former New York governor Mario Cuomo, and brother to the current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. He is also a CNN journalist, although the journalist label


Tired of Being a Political Punching Bag? Here Is What You Can Do Today to Make a BIG Difference.

View or download a PDF of this article by clicking here. This photograph was taken in 1940 at the outset of World War II. It’s of faces in the crowd as France’s liberty falls to the Nazis. Look at the lady to the left — look at her hands. You can easily read the thought on


Common Core: Slingshot to Progress or Spider Web? Part 5 of 5 [What slingshot? More spiders here than at the old Munsters’ house]

This final article of the series should eliminate the few remaining undecideds on this issue.  It will address the areas of parental rights, privacy, constitutionality and subsidiarity.1 [Read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4 on OCR] Parental  Rights  Regarding  Education,  What  Rights? The flawed educational movements leading up to Common Core have


Common Core: Slingshot to Progress or Spider Web? Part 3 of 5 [Benchmarking, Involvement of the States and Teachers, Push to Gain Adoption by the States]

The two previous segments dealt with the founding strategy of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) process, followed by how and by whom it was developed and then an assessment of the Common Core standards by the Committee and those opposed.  This article in the series will review conflicting claims as to who actually created


Common Core: Slingshot to Progress or Spider Web? Part 2 of 5 [Creation of the Standards and Comparison with those of the States]

Part 1 described the philosophy and strategy  used in the formation of the Common Core objectives (Common Core State Standards, or CCSS).  On the surface, they were a logical way to improve U.S. schools which have lost ground against the rest of the “developed” world. [Link to Part 1: “Philosophies and Strategies Behind the Standards”]


Common Core: Slingshot to Progress or Spider Web? Part 1 of 5 [Philosophy and Strategies Behind the Standards]

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) resulted from a delayed awakening that the U.S. public educational system has been on a downhill slide for decades.  A root cause of some of this decline has come from a decrease in reading complexity for texts throughout the K-12 years despite the reverse trend in the world as


How Grassroots Republican Voters Should Win the White House in 2016

Editor’s note: View or download a PDF of this article by clicking here. All Republicans must work together respectfully and effectively to win in 2016 Clear action uniting the grassroots and establishment wings of the party in the general election must now begin. This article proposes a path going forward creating the party unity needed

tortoise and hare

Is the Right Finally Learning? ‘Policy Rich’ and ‘Politically Poor’ Won’t Cut It

Despite what Jon Stewart says, most conservative activists that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the last twenty-three years that I have been involved in politics are really well-informed people. They listen to a lot of talk radio, read a lot of books, and watch a lot of news shows. If the ratings

Pax am

Pax Americana, Pox Americana

Many Americans across the political spectrum want America to have a diminished global presence. Some Conservatives, who would normally support strong international involvement, are war-weary after fighting for years in what seem to be unwinnable wars for people who appear largely ungrateful. Libertarians by nature tend to be isolationists. Some have argued that the federal