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Is the Right Finally Learning? ‘Policy Rich’ and ‘Politically Poor’ Won’t Cut It

Is the Right Finally Learning? ‘Policy Rich’ and ‘Politically Poor’ Won’t Cut It

Despite what Jon Stewart says, most conservative activists that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the last twenty-three years that I have been involved in politics are really well-informed people. They listen to a lot of talk radio, read a lot of books, and watch a lot of news shows. If the ratings

The Fight for Marriage, Part 2: Is There Even An Argument for Traditional Marriage?

Dr. Robert George, Ryan T. Anderson and Sherif Girgis argue the following: “What we have come to call the gay marriage debate is not directly about homosexuality, but about marriage.  It is not about whom to marry, but about what marriage is.” The two views can be summarized as: (1) the conjugal view and (2)

Not Your Average Shutdown

[SUMMARY] False comparison: Republicans shouldn’t judge today’s shutdown threat by Gingrich’s in the 90s. I was a twenty-four-year-old legislative aide on Capitol Hill in November 1995.  I remember sitting at my desk in the late Congressman Frank Cremeans’ office in the Longworth House Building waiting anxiously for news.  The Congressman and our Chief-of-Staff had been

Have You Heard of Mr. Ed?

Have you heard of Ed Fitzgerald?  No, he’s not a character from Boardwalk Empire.  He’s a Democratic candidate for Ohio governor next year.  In fact, Mr. Ed is the only Democratic candidate that has stepped up to take on Governor John Kasich in 2014. Does his name still not ring a bell? Don’t worry, you’re

The Marriage Decisions and the Death of Reason

If you celebrated the marriage decisions handed down by the Supreme Court yesterday, you are a socialist, a deviant who believes “if it feels good, do it!”, a crass enemy of all that is good who needs to remember that God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve! Did that sound harsh? Did that

Why Christian Conservatives Should NOT Abandon the GOP

I have spent the last five years travelling across the northeast and Ohio.  Every week I meet influential Christian conservatives, and for the last half-decade the song remains the same: “The Republican Party is not a conservative party anymore! We Christian conservatives have been used.  We helped elect these people and they have not done