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The Fight for Marriage, Part 1: How Did We Get Here?

The Fight for Marriage, Part 1: How Did We Get Here?

Blogger Matt Walsh recently created a bit of a firestorm for criticizing a federal judge for attempting to force a baker to make a cake for a same-sex couple’s ceremony (Al Mohler has also weighed in). Walsh argues that the logical conclusion to the argument made by the federal court is that the government will

The Bryan Williams Radio Hour, 12-29-2013

  OCR Featured Contributor Charles Tassell and Co-Founder Adam Josefczyk appear on the Bryan Williams Radio Hour to discuss 5 political predictions for 2014.  Scroll to the last 5 minutes for an introductory discussion of the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), and learn about RFRA here: Linda Harvey: “How Ohio Benefits From a Religious

Tilting at Ducks – A New Year’s Resolution for Conservatives

Blasting across the free speech scene like a red neck during hunting season, Phil Robertson, patriarch of the family that stars on the A&E reality television show Duck Dynasty, created a feather storm of controversy as he (rather graphically) shared his views about homosexual marriage with GQ Magazine. Facebook news feeds from metropolitan LA to

13 Events that Shaped Ohio Politics in 2013

1. The Ohio Republican Party Chairman Saga: Conservatives Rejoice, then Grimace With the help of conservatives in late 2012, Kasich made a power grab and ousted DeWine, whom conservatives saw as a liberal Chairman of the Ohio GOP. At the time conservatives hoped this would mark a more conservative ideological shift in the party, but

Two Questions for a ‘Post-Christian’ America

“The nation with the soul of a church” is what British journalist G.K Chesterton called America as he toured the former American colony. He was right then, but now it’s not so certain. I remember the first time I saw a presentation from David Barton affirming the main thesis of his career: that our nation

The First Amendment for a ‘Christian Nation’

America’s national pastime is no longer baseball; it’s litigation. And it’s that time of the year when our litigation specifically turns to mangers, evergreen trees, and school band music. The frenzy to eliminate all aspects of Christmas as a religious event has produced both legitimate concerns as well as paranoia. So it is not surprising

What Must Conservatives Do to Win? – Part 3

[Editor’s note: In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, Featured Contributor Paula Bolyard offers four suggestions for furthering causes that conservatives care so deeply about. She writes, “… it’s by no means an exhaustive list and I offer it with the hope we can have a healthy (but civil) debate in the conservative

Dabbling in the Grotesque: Human Cloning & Animal-Human Hybrids

“Man,” I cried, “how ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom!” —Mary Shelley, Frankenstein [Editor’s note: Information included in this article was presented as proponent testimony for H.B. 308 before the Ohio House Health & Aging Committee, November 13, 2013.] No longer the stuff of science fiction, cloning humans and creating animal human hybrids

Yes, Virginia, The Federal Health Law Does Cover Abortion

I can’t say I was ever lost, but I was bewildered once for three days. —Daniel Boone Before President Obama’s so-called Affordable Care Act was even signed, concerns surfaced over whether abortion funding was included. The President’s administration and supporters pooh-poohed claims that it would be, and due to the bill’s immense size and complexities,

SSM Advocates Start Ohio Spin Campaigns on Marriage, Discrimination

In September and October, Equality Ohio launched campaigns to persuade Ohioans to accept same-sex marriage (SSM) and to change federal and state law on workplace issues. Their strategy is surely influenced by a recent poll of Ohio voters. The Public Religion Research Institute found that most voters would not approve a marriage redefinition—good news for