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OCR Streetview: Politicians, Corporate Sponsors Redefine Equality at Columbus Pride Parade

OCR Streetview: Politicians, Corporate Sponsors Redefine Equality at Columbus Pride Parade

  The Democratic candidate for Ohio governor, Ed Fitzgerald, shook my hand on High Street in Columbus at the June 21st “Pride” parade honoring LGBT lifestyles. Eager to show support for what many Ohioans consider radical moral upheaval, Fitzgerald and numerous supporters in “Fitzgerald for Governor” T-shirts worked the crowd — on both sides of

Common Corruption: What Ohio Can Expect with Common Core

Parents in New York, Arizona, Georgia, and Colorado have something in common with parents in Ohio: they love their children and seek to raise them with a foundation of sound moral values. They want their children to learn timeless truths, and to develop an American ethic of personal responsibility and high achievement, all while retaining

How Ohio Benefits from a Religious Freedom Bill

How do supporters of same-sex marriage, abortion advocates, and–more neutrally–civil rights advocates in Ohio view the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act, H.B. 376, just introduced in the Ohio General Assembly? This is a curious question in view of recent events. The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of religion to all Americans,

SSM Advocates Start Ohio Spin Campaigns on Marriage, Discrimination

In September and October, Equality Ohio launched campaigns to persuade Ohioans to accept same-sex marriage (SSM) and to change federal and state law on workplace issues. Their strategy is surely influenced by a recent poll of Ohio voters. The Public Religion Research Institute found that most voters would not approve a marriage redefinition—good news for

Portman Divides Ohio–Again

Here we go again: Republican Senator Rob Portman is dividing Ohioans over the issue of homosexuality in round two. Let me give you the stunning details. As many of you know, Senator Portman, who lent his support in the past to traditional marriage as well as pro-life issues, announced earlier in 2013 that he now

Boy Scout Decision Pushed by Ohio Activists

How often must propaganda be repeated to become accepted truth? On the subject of youth and homosexuality, we could ask the Boys Scouts of America, but right now, we might not get a straight answer–so to speak. No boy will be denied a spot in a Boy Scout troop based on his “sexual orientation,” proclaim

The Confused “Choice” Messages of OEA

Teachers in Ohio should continue to be anti-choice.  That message dominated the agenda of the Ohio Education Association’s Spring Representative Assembly held at Vets Memorial in Columbus on May 10 and 11, where the theme was “Our Guiding Values.” They weren’t talking about saving lives by avoiding abortion. OEA isn’t budging in its tireless campaign