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Rebuttal: No, “Pro-Lifer,” Supporting Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make You More Pro-Life

Rebuttal: No, “Pro-Lifer,” Supporting Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make You More Pro-Life

Recently an article entitled “In Defense of Gay Marriage, from a Pro-Life Republican” appeared on the blog Third Base Politics. The author, Councilman Phil Van Treuren of Amherst, Ohio, advances the premise that the pro-life movement must embrace marriage redefinition. Van Treuren castigates Cleveland Right to Life and other pro-life groups that maintain that traditional

OCR on the Air: Co-Founder Adam Josefczyk Answers, “Are the Culture Wars Over?”

Are the ‘culture wars’ over, as some maintain? Quite the contrary! OCR Co-Founder Adam Josefczyk returned to Ohio Politics with Bryan Williams on Sunday, May 25 to discuss the article “The Culture Wars Are Permanently ‘Out of the Closet,’” by OCR Featured Contributor Paul William Pyle. Listen to the interview:   Read the article: “The Culture Wars Are

The Culture Wars Are Permanently ‘Out of the Closet’

Rumor has it that the culture wars are over. If gay rights were the only battle, those rumors could be true. The pace of change on this issue is nothing short of breathtaking. State after state is either approving same-sex marriage or being forced to accept the arrangement by judicial declaration. Gay-rights supporters are rejoicing.

Ohio Right To Life Endorsements Shake Up Republican Primary

In case you missed it, Ohio Right to Life (ORTL) threw a wrench into what was a rather predictable primary election by making some surprising endorsements through the group’s Ohio Right to Life PAC. Not only did ORTL endorse several Democrats and several members of the Ohio House who were not endorsed by the Ohio

All Is Not Quiet on the Women’s Front

All Lies Lead to the Truth —”Redux,” The X-Files [1] It doesn’t take much to court the selfish side of any person, we fallen creatures love ourselves so. But beginning with the feminist movement, the foundation was laid in our country to propose a so-called War on Women, and subject women in the process without many

Cincinnati Partial-Birth Abortion Mill Granted Legal ‘Stay’

[UPDATE: Paula Westwood discussed the following statement on the Bryan Williams Radio Hour 24 hours after its posting on OCR.  Listen here.] The Women’s Med Center (aka Lebanon Road Surgery Center) in Sharonville, Ohio has been operating for months outside the law without the required transfer agreement or variance to cover patient emergencies. This facility

How Ohio Benefits from a Religious Freedom Bill

How do supporters of same-sex marriage, abortion advocates, and–more neutrally–civil rights advocates in Ohio view the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act, H.B. 376, just introduced in the Ohio General Assembly? This is a curious question in view of recent events. The Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of religion to all Americans,

Dabbling in the Grotesque: Human Cloning & Animal-Human Hybrids

“Man,” I cried, “how ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom!” —Mary Shelley, Frankenstein [Editor’s note: Information included in this article was presented as proponent testimony for H.B. 308 before the Ohio House Health & Aging Committee, November 13, 2013.] No longer the stuff of science fiction, cloning humans and creating animal human hybrids

Practical Policy to Prevent Sex Trafficking and Heal Ohio’s Victims

We’ve said before that the sex slave trade is alive in well in Ohio [read on OCR: “Ohio’s Slave Trade”].  Here is a marketplace report: Ohio ranks 5th (worst) in the U.S. for human trafficking. Over 88% of human trafficking in Ohio is for sex. About 84% of victims are U.S. citizens. Approximately 80% of

Yes, Virginia, The Federal Health Law Does Cover Abortion

I can’t say I was ever lost, but I was bewildered once for three days. —Daniel Boone Before President Obama’s so-called Affordable Care Act was even signed, concerns surfaced over whether abortion funding was included. The President’s administration and supporters pooh-poohed claims that it would be, and due to the bill’s immense size and complexities,