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Rebuttal: No, “Pro-Lifer,” Supporting Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make You More Pro-Life

Rebuttal: No, “Pro-Lifer,” Supporting Gay Marriage Doesn’t Make You More Pro-Life

Recently an article entitled “In Defense of Gay Marriage, from a Pro-Life Republican” appeared on the blog Third Base Politics. The author, Councilman Phil Van Treuren of Amherst, Ohio, advances the premise that the pro-life movement must embrace marriage redefinition. Van Treuren castigates Cleveland Right to Life and other pro-life groups that maintain that traditional

The Desperate Dishonesty of Doug Chamberlain

Right now these sophomores and thousands of other Ohioans are waking up to another stroke of irony. The “Honorable” Doug Chamberlain, a family court judge and career lawyer, has let slip the dogs of war against frontrunner Nino Vitale with two flagrantly dishonest ad hominem attacks.

OCR DOUBLE-TAKE: Thoughtful Conservatism — The Fallacy of Compromise

[Editor’s note: This article is part of an OCR DOUBLE-TAKE.  Read its counterpart here.] “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice; moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”  — Goldwater paraphrasing Cicero Compromise.  Cooperation.  Change.  Three buzzwords popular nowadays among the political left, centrist Republicans, and some self-described conservatives. They sound

Practical Policy to Prevent Sex Trafficking and Heal Ohio’s Victims

We’ve said before that the sex slave trade is alive in well in Ohio [read on OCR: “Ohio’s Slave Trade”].  Here is a marketplace report: Ohio ranks 5th (worst) in the U.S. for human trafficking. Over 88% of human trafficking in Ohio is for sex. About 84% of victims are U.S. citizens. Approximately 80% of