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OCR on the Air: Contrary to Spin-Doctors’ Claims, Super-Majority of Ohio Republicans and Churches Support Natural Marriage

  OCR Featured Contributor Charles Tassell joined guest-host and former Mayor Don Robart (R-Cuyahoga Falls) to set the record straight on disputed reports about the number of Republican Ohio officials on record in support of same-sex marriage. The total is strikingly few, according to a recent press release from Citizens for Community Values (CCV), which was picked

OCR Joins New ‘Ohio Politics with Bryan Williams’ in Cleveland & Columbus

OCR congratulates former state representative Bryan Williams on the first simulcast of Ohio Politics with Bryan Williams in Columbus. The show, formerly The Bryan Williams Radio Hour, had been broadcast exclusively in Cleveland and on  Listeners should tune in, call in, and spread the word about Ohio’s only statewide political news show, airing at 3 p.m.

5 Resources for Ohio RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act)

Here are 5 resources from OCR regarding an Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA): 1. AUDIO, 2/9/14: OCR Featured Contributor Charles Tassell joined Ohio Politics with Bryan Williams to inform you of the latest activity surrounding an Ohio RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act), currently in committee in the state legislature.   2. AUDIO, 12/29/13: OCR Featured Contributor Charles

The Bryan Williams Radio Hour, 12-29-2013

  OCR Featured Contributor Charles Tassell and Co-Founder Adam Josefczyk appear on the Bryan Williams Radio Hour to discuss 5 political predictions for 2014.  Scroll to the last 5 minutes for an introductory discussion of the Ohio Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), and learn about RFRA here: Linda Harvey: “How Ohio Benefits From a Religious

Is a Bill on Religious Liberties Necessary for Ohio?

[Editor’s note: This OCR article was originally published on May 6, 2013.] Ohio has been at a crossroads for 15 years.  Really, it is more of a muddy ridge, and we are slowly sliding down it, picking up speed with each court ruling that undermines our freedoms a little more.  In 1993 Congress passed the