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Kasich Has Created A Crisis

Kasich Has Created A Crisis

While most of us have been paying attention to the crisis in Washington, D.C., right here in Ohio we have our own crisis. Governor Kasich, a Republican, has decided that he will bypass the Ohio House and Senate and instead seek the approval of an appointed seven-person board to spend over $2.5 billion. President Obama’s

Obamacare Sticker Shock, Part 3: How Medicaid Expansion Will Gouge Ohio Premiums

[Editor’s note: In the first article in this series, Josh Brown maps out why Ohio insurance premiums will rise 80-88% in the coming years. He discussed the disastrous results in states that required insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions (a policy called “guaranteed issue”).  Brown’s second article showed how Massachusetts tried to solve those problems

Not Your Average Shutdown

[SUMMARY] False comparison: Republicans shouldn’t judge today’s shutdown threat by Gingrich’s in the 90s. I was a twenty-four-year-old legislative aide on Capitol Hill in November 1995.  I remember sitting at my desk in the late Congressman Frank Cremeans’ office in the Longworth House Building waiting anxiously for news.  The Congressman and our Chief-of-Staff had been

PRESS RELEASE: Ohio Conservative Review Proves Its First Strike Capability

This week Ohio Conservative Review ( once again showed its First Strike capability when it published two breaking articles–ahead of other outlets–related to defunding the Affordable Care Act and a possible government shutdown. The articles, by OCR Featured Contributors Tom Zawistowski and William Todd, give two different yet complementary perspectives on the issue of defunding

An Ohio Tea Party’s Open Letter to Congress

[Editor’s Note: The Portage County (OH) TEA Party sent the following letter to both chambers of the U.S. Congress this week as that body deliberates its actions toward the impending budget crisis, defunding the Affordable Care Act, and a possible government shutdown.  Read about all of these issues in recent OCR articles.  RELATED on OCR: “So

Aborted Baby or Roasted Peanut?

Tim O’Brien’s award-winning novel The Things They Carried frequently appears on required reading lists for high school, college, and graduate students. It offers a cautionary tale of how the culture of violence that developed among combat forces during the Vietnam War permanently damaged the emotional health of those who faced the daily reality of witnessing