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READ the Fine Print on Local Ballot Issues

READ the Fine Print on Local Ballot Issues

Four years ago, I came across the first tax levy I had ever seen with no expiration date.  This seemed very audacious so I re-read it several times and finally realized it was a clever attempt to slip an endless money grab which had no accountability.  It was the 2011 Cincinnati Public Schools tax levy. 

Conservative Solutions for Campaign Finance Reform

We Can Honor the Grassroots Money and the Constitution as We Reform Campaign Finance Campaign finance reform. This phrase seems to have become synonymous with progressive policies like top-down government mandates and financial restrictions. It’s time to change that. Ahead of the 2016 election cycle, the issue of money in politics and the resulting common

Return to Sender: Make Fixing the Postal Service a Priority in 2015

Ohioans and their elected representatives in Washington are turning to new challenges for the new year.  With a Republican majority in both chambers of Congress, leaders will undoubtedly focus on shaping and crafting a government that reflects the principles of fiscal responsibility, liberty, and free enterprise. [FLASHBACK on OCR: “An Ohio Conservative’s Wishlist for 2014”]

Foundations of Economics Series: Every Man for Himself

As previously discussed in this Foundations of Economics series, economic competition is the process of establishing who produces what in our division of labor economy. Through economic competition, millions of individuals decide in commercial transactions who best utilize our limited resources to produce wealth and the best process for producing that wealth. In other words,

EPA Rules Will Hit African-Americans Hardest in Ohio

President Obama continuously cites his concern for “income inequality” in America while conveniently avoiding discussion of the “energy insecurity” that will ensue from his proposed carbon regulations. A recent report issued by the Pacific Research Institute (PRI) examined the proposed carbon regulations and the energy insecurity that will result in coal-heavy states like ours. [RELATED

An Internet Sales Tax Is Bad for the Young People of Ohio

One surefire sign something’s working? The government wants to tax it. Alas, it was only a matter of time before the Internet — the one sphere of enterprise that has remained relatively free from regulation — started coming under attack. This time, the government’s efforts take the form of a bill called the Marketplace Fairness

The Janet Yellen/Robert Shiller Hype Is About Controlling You

Much like Janet Yellen (President Obama’s nominee for the Chair of the Federal Reserve), who is roundly and wrongly praised for her allegedly uncanny ability to make accurate predictions about the U.S. economy [read OCR’s 10/9/13 and 10/11/13 articles], Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller has attracted much hype based on his earth-shattering observation of the obvious early