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As oft happens, the sermon or sermon series I find myself preaching seems to embody with such relevance what’s happening in the world around us. For example, as we have journeyed through the life of the early church in the book of Acts, I have looked upon the amazing life of a church leader of

OCR on the Air: Co-Founder Adam Josefczyk Answers, “Are the Culture Wars Over?”

Are the ‘culture wars’ over, as some maintain? Quite the contrary! OCR Co-Founder Adam Josefczyk returned to Ohio Politics with Bryan Williams on Sunday, May 25 to discuss the article “The Culture Wars Are Permanently ‘Out of the Closet,’” by OCR Featured Contributor Paul William Pyle. Listen to the interview:   Read the article: “The Culture Wars Are

The Culture Wars Are Permanently ‘Out of the Closet’

Rumor has it that the culture wars are over. If gay rights were the only battle, those rumors could be true. The pace of change on this issue is nothing short of breathtaking. State after state is either approving same-sex marriage or being forced to accept the arrangement by judicial declaration. Gay-rights supporters are rejoicing.

Ohio Republican Party Should Be Ashamed of Its Attacks on Fellow Republicans

The Ohio Republican Party and some of its supported candidates should be ashamed of their conduct in the 2014 primary election. As the election season draws to a close, some in the Republican establishment have not only escalated attacks on conservative candidates who are challenging incumbents, but the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) has violated its

In Their Own Words: Matt Lynch vs. Dave Joyce for OH-14

The Republican primary race in the 14th congressional district between State Rep. Matt Lynch and Congressman Dave Joyce has been one of the most contested — and contentious — of this year’s primary. It’s a story of the Tea Party vs. the Republican establishment. Endorsements vs. PAC money. Ideology vs. pragmatism. David vs. Goliath. [RELATED

The Desperate Dishonesty of Doug Chamberlain

Right now these sophomores and thousands of other Ohioans are waking up to another stroke of irony. The “Honorable” Doug Chamberlain, a family court judge and career lawyer, has let slip the dogs of war against frontrunner Nino Vitale with two flagrantly dishonest ad hominem attacks.

Why the GOP Can’t Wait Until 2016 to Act, Part 2

Why  “Now”  and   Not  2016 Whether or not the thought pleases us, we are already on the road to the next presidential election.  Without a strong Republican showing in this year’s midterm election, we cannot realistically expect to slow the train of destruction that accelerated on that bleak November 6, 2012 when President Obama

Why the GOP Can’t Wait Until 2016 to Act, Part 1

One of the benefits of becoming older is gaining a broader view of time and events.  We may not know who said “history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes,”[1] but we will have lived through many firsthand experiences which prove the value of knowing history. In most cases, this knowledge can be reassuring.  “This too shall pass”

What It Looks Like from the Margins

I may be the most apolitical writer in the OCR stable. Not that I take my civic responsibility lightly, mind you. I have voted in every election since 1976, even in off-years. But I don’t keep up with politics and races, especially local ones. I can remember “cramming” with a voter guide as I walked