10-month-old Charlie Gard and the U.K. Government

“We’re not allowed to choose if our son lives and we’re not allowed to choose when or where Charlie dies,”

Maybe you’ve read about Charlie who lives in the U.K. Charlie Gard is a 10-month-old baby who has a rare genetic disorder called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, one of only 16 children in the world with this disorder.

Charlie has loving parents who want to care for him the best they can. He is currently being treated at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London, but the hospital decided they can’t do anything more for Charlie. The hospital made the decision to take him off life support.  Trying to end his life; premature, without the consent of his parents, so that he could “die with dignity.”


The parents, Chris Gard and Connie Yates, disagreed with taking him off life support and have raised $1.6 million to airflight Charlie to the United States for care. All the parents needed for this to happen was for the British hospital to release Charlie into their care as parents. Sadly, the UK hospital wouldn’t release custody, cue ongoing legal battle ending on July 27th:

3 March 2017: Mr Justice Francis starts to analyse the case at a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London

11 April: Mr Justice Francis says doctors can stop providing life-support treatment

3 May: Charlie’s paren ts ask Court of Appeal judges to consider the case

23 May: Three Court of Appeal judges analyse the case

25 May: Court of Appeal judges dismiss the couple’s appeal

8 June: Charlie’s parents lose fight in the Supreme Court

20 June: Judges in the European Court of Human Rights start to analyse the case after lawyers representing Charlie’s parents make written submissions

27 June: Judges in the European Court of Human Rights refuse to intervene

For Charlies parents and people around the world this is heartbreaking and scary. American parents, friends, individuals…wake up, Universal Healthcare is the detriment to a thriving society! This is the effects of Universal Health Care: freedom and human rights are being mercilessly stripped away. Not just for people like Charlie, but for individuals, parents, grandparents, and every citizen the government deems as useless to society.

As an American society we no longer value life, but thank goodness we value ourselves. Because of individual healthcare, we can choose what we want for ourselves. The moment we start a centralized government based health care system, we are at the mercy of the government. Let me explain: in the United States people choose the level of healthcare insurance they want, which in turn they pay for themselves. This allows them the freedom to treat their illness in the way they choose. Under Universal healthcare, the government covers all medical expenses, which sounds great. However, this puts the power of choice in the hands of a governance board.

This is what is happening to Charlie. The government sees this little boy as an unneeded expense and a burden to society, thanks to universal healthcare. The government feels like this is the most humane way to dispose of him. His parents said, “Not only are we not allowed to take our son to an expert hospital to save his life, we also can’t choose how or when our son dies.”  His parents see him for his true worth in the sight of God and tried to give him the health care he deserves. But the government felt it unnecessary and unneeded to spare his life, so they are choosing to let him die.


Universal Health Care will be the detriment of your children, your grandchildren, and your great grand children. The effects of it will be astronomical and you need to fight and speak up today against this flawed system that will cause unneeded death and crushing heartbreak for generations to come.

As American citizens we have to understand that fighting against universal healthcare is not a problem we can put off for tomorrow. Something has to happen today, the senate is currently debating regulations on the healthcare system which has colossal immediate and future implications. We as citizens need to stay informed, knowledgeable, and speak out against an overreaching government. As we celebrate freedom this weekend on July 4th, we are celebrating what people have fought so hard over the years to attain. Let us not be the generation who puts down our battle swords for the sake of “peace, comfort, or laziness,” resulting in years of bondage and death by the American government.



WRITTEN BY JENA POWELL: Jena Powell is co-founder of Blue Ash Media, a digital advertising company in Southwest Florida and VP of sales at Huntington Outdoor Advertising, a Midwest-based outdoor billboard company. She stays up-to-date in the political world through her involvement with Forge Leadership Network. She has a passion for small business, marketing, the Gospel, and politics.



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