Tired of Being a Political Punching Bag? Here Is What You Can Do Today to Make a BIG Difference.

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This photograph was taken in 1940 at the outset of World War II. It’s of faces in the crowd as France’s liberty falls to the Nazis.

Look at the lady to the left — look at her hands. You can easily read the thought on her mind: “How did this happen?” The man in front, probably a World War I veteran, obviously understands the reality of what has happened. Look closely at the other faces. Imagine the future they are now envisioning in their minds.

The French military thought that their technologically old “Maginot Line” of fixed defensive fortifications along the German border would prevent this. The German military, using the new technologies of tanks, airplanes, and radios, maneuvered around the fortifications and overran France in weeks. Barack Obama led the progressive Democratic Party to use exactly the same method to win election and reelection — deploying new social media technology to defeat a Republican Party still relying on old technology and strategies.

This is what losing one’s liberty looks like. Real evil people then, real evil people today, acting with the singular purpose of taking your liberty. The threat today is from progressives undertaking a political war in America to steal our liberty by voiding the Constitution and the Rule of Law and from a growing fanatical movement abroad seeking nuclear weapons to control a large portion of the world’s oil supply. Yes, the threat today — both foreign and domestic — is as quite real and will not simply disappear. It must be defeated. There are no superheroes to rescue us.

The 2016 presidential election will be of crucial importance to the future of liberty in America.

Our grassroots Republican voter imperative is the need to restore liberty to America with the election of a Republican president—preferably a conservative Republican—embracing the U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law. Some have the false confidence that this will be easy. It was similar false confidence that led to Romney’s defeat in 2012. Especially in Ohio, the progressive Democratic Party simply overran the stodgy Grand OLD Party. This will happen again in 2016 unless we take clear, effective actions now to prevent it.

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Despite two glaring presidential losses, the stodgy GOP has rolled out the same campaign strategy of beating up grassroots Republican voters with back-stabbing primary battles and primary election “rules” that only bring disunity and discouragement to the party faithful. It’s very clear to me that we are already on a pathway to defeat in 2016. It will take a united party and strong grassroots enthusiasm for the Republican nominee to defeat Hillary in the general election. Neither the Republican National Committee (RNC) nor the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) acknowledge this. Their actions are contrary — almost intentionally so — to achieving the critical unity and enthusiasm needed to win the White House in 2016.

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The burden of achieving victory falls on our shoulders.

By recognizing the critical importance of the 2016 election and acknowledging the hard truth that the RNC and ORP cannot be counted on to win, grassroots Republican voters are taking it upon themselves to create the party unity and enthusiasm absolutely needed for victory in 2016. The way we are doing this is by promoting a social compact — a “bargain” — between us and the RNC and presidential primary candidates. In return for the RNC and the candidates conducting the primaries and convention in accordance with four common sense ground rules, we grassroots voters will support the party’s nominee in the general election. This will bring the unity and, with a good nominee, the enthusiasm needed to defeat Hillary in the general election, especially here in Ohio.

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With unity and enthusiasm, the Republican Party will win the White House in 2016. Progressives clearly understand this. Hence, the relentless attacks on the Constitution (e.g., against religious liberty) and the Rule of Law (e.g., granting amnesty) undertaken to discourage patriotic voters by convincing them that the political war to control America has already been lost. Unfortunately, many already believe this. They are already standing on the sidelines of this political war looking like those in the photograph.

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I do not believe the war is lost. Rather, I believe that the progressives can be defeated by tapping the immense political power of grassroots Republican voters now ignored by the RNC and the ORP. Look at the grassroots response to the religious liberty attacks on the pizza shop owners in Indiana, forced to shut down by threats of violence. Nearly a million dollars was raised within a couple of days using social media to financially protect the owners. We are learning that we can use the new technologies to defeat the progressives.

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The “Fair and Square Bargain” is the path to victory in 2016.

Grassroots Republican voters will no longer just robotically vote in the general election for the candidate with the “R” behind their name. Their votes must be earned. The “Fair and Square Bargain” is a social compact that will create the circumstances necessary to unite the party and achieve the grassroots enthusiasm in the general election needed to win the White House. This compact or “bargain” aims to: (1) have a presidential primary contest conducted with honesty and integrity; (2) have true choice on the Republican presidential primary ballot so primary voters can best vote their values; and (3) yield a party presidential nominee who has won the nomination “fair and square” thereby earning the respect of grassroots voters.

To implement this social compact, four ground rules for the conduct of the primaries and convention must be acknowledged and observed by the RNC and the candidates:

  1. The presidential primaries must be open to all candidates to enable Republican primary voters to vote for the candidate best reflecting the voter’s values and policy choices.
  2. To demonstrate respect for voters, the presidential candidates must campaign with honesty and integrity by
  • Disavowing personal attacks, not condoning such attacks through silence, and not using dirty tricks to gain advantage.
  • Meeting with voters nationwide (e.g., in-person town halls) and being responsive to their questions and concerns.
  • Being forthcoming, unequivocal, and consistent about the values and policies their administration will use to govern—whether speaking in public or private.
  • Stating that they will support and campaign for the eventual “fair and square” winning nominee, and that they will themselves strive to win “fair and square.”
  1. At the presidential convention, all Republican primary votes cast must count equitably towards the selection of the party’s nominee reflecting that this is a national primary process.
  2. The party’s presidential nominee must continue to campaign with honesty and integrity during the general election and remain consistent with the values and policies they advocated during the primaries.

Numbers count in putting this bargain into effect.

To assert this social compact, we are using social media. The “Fair and Square Bargain” has a Facebook page you can LIKE to show your support. The “Fair and Square Bargain” also has a petition you can sign online to show your support. (The petition only shows name as “Mary T.”, for example. It does not show your email address. No donation requests are made.) Finally, we are forming a volunteer network to promote this social compact throughout Ohio and across the country. Also, please go to the main “Fair and Square Bargain” website and subscribe to be updated on this first step in asserting grassroots Republican voter power in the 2016 elections.

Victory is ours to win.

We are in a political war to restore liberty to America. Grassroots Republican voters now have the tools to fight effectively to win this war. Start today by signing the petition. Show your resolve to restore liberty.

Mike Snead is the President of the Dayton TEA Party (daytonohioteaparty.com).

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