ObamaCare Breaking the Backbone of the Economy

The National Small Business Association recently released its 2014 Small Business Health Care Survey.  The survey reveals that 91% of respondents reported an increase in the costs of their health plans at their most recent renewal.

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One in four small businesses saw cost increases exceeding 20% at their most recent renewal. When asked specifically about the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as ObamaCare, small businesses reported spending on average 13 hours and a monthly cost of $1,274 to understand the law.

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But perhaps worst of all, one-third of these small businesses say they are purposefully not growing as a result of ObamaCare!   In addition, a recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report showed that more than 2 million full-time jobs will be lost because of ObamaCare.  

ObamaCare means less choice, higher costs, and lost coverage.  

We all know that small businesses are the backbone of America’s economy. In order to get our economy growing as it should be, we cannot saddle them with harmful laws and regulations, like ObamaCare, that make it harder to grow and create jobs.

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Unfortunately, in addition to harmful laws and regulations, the Obama Administration seems intent on keeping our small businesses in a constant state of limbo with regard to if and when rules and regulations will take effect.

Most recently, the Obama administration announced another postponement surrounding their signature ObamaCare law.  This time, enforcement of a federal requirement for medium-size employers to provide health insurance to employees and allow larger employers more flexibility in how they provide coverage will be delayed.  Commonly known as the “employer mandate,” this provision, once delayed until January 1, 2015, will now be delayed until 2016 for employers with 50 to 99 employees.

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What also is hampering them is uncertainty. The uncertainty being caused by the Obama Administration through laws, like ObamaCare, make it next to impossible for business owners to make reasoned plans and investments for the next six months, let alone next five years. It is difficult to budget and consider hiring new employees or expanding operations when a small business owner does not know what the implications will be for his or her business from massive, burdensome laws like ObamaCare.

This uncertainty is weighing down our nation’s economy as small business owners hold back on moving forward with decisions to invest to grow their companies and hire more employees, and this veil of ambiguity is unlikely to be lifted anytime soon, which only spells more indecisiveness among small business owners.

While the Obama Administration acts as if they are bestowing a gift upon employers with these continual delays, the delays are a perpetual burden to our nation’s small business owners and are further proof that this law was not well thought out, is not ready to be executed, and is being imposed upon American workers and employers.


Eli Miller is the State Director of Americans for Prosperity – Ohio and Americans for Prosperity Foundation – Ohio.

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