Cincinnati Partial-Birth Abortion Mill Granted Legal ‘Stay’

[UPDATE: Paula Westwood discussed the following statement on the Bryan Williams Radio Hour 24 hours after its posting on OCR.  Listen here.]

The Women’s Med Center (aka Lebanon Road Surgery Center) in Sharonville, Ohio has been operating for months outside the law without the required transfer agreement or variance to cover patient emergencies. This facility is owned by notorious late term abortionist Martin Haskell, who performs such abortions at this location and also trains others to do so. The Ohio Department of Health recently denied a license and ordered the facility closed, due to failure to comply with the law. Attorneys for the abortionist appealed the order and issued an emergency motion for a stay of execution, to remain open while court proceedings are in progress. Judge Jerry Metz of the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas granted a stay, and this facility will remain open, still outside the law.

COURT DOCUMENT for stay of execution, 1/31/14:

PRESS RELEASE from Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, 1/31/14:

REVEALING AFFIDAVIT from Prominent Partial-Birth Abortion Doctor Martin Haskell, 1/30/14:




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