PRESS RELEASE: Ohio Conservative Review Proves Its First Strike Capability

This week Ohio Conservative Review ( once again showed its First Strike capability when it published two breaking articles–ahead of other outlets–related to defunding the Affordable Care Act and a possible government shutdown.

The articles, by OCR Featured Contributors Tom Zawistowski and William Todd, give two different yet complementary perspectives on the issue of defunding Obamacare.

Mr. Zawistowski’s “An Ohio Tea Party’s Open Letter to Congress” reveals the passion and conviction of conservatives across Ohio who expect their representatives to fight for their liberty, which they view as eroding.

Mr. Todd’s “So What Really Happens If You ‘Shut Down’ the Federal Government,” which broke Thursday evening,  may actually be the first article published on this specific topic, even after the Coburn memo was prepared in July.  (’s similarly titled article, which does not make the point that Mr. Todd’s does, broke approximately twelve hours later.)

Asked about the unique angle of his article, Mr. Todd said,

“Despite the extensive media coverage of the debate in Congress over the annual appropriation (by continuing resolution) for fiscal year 2014, there has been essentially no coverage of the issue that is central to the entire debate.  Simply stated, that issue is, even if the federal government is ‘shut down,’ by the failure of the Congress and the White House to agree upon a continuing resolution, will the ‘shutdown’ stop ObamaCare from being implemented by the Obama Administration?”

Mr. Todd answers that question here:

The two articles highlight OCR’s ability to preempt issues of national concern with top-notch analysis, as it did within hours of the DOMA/Proposition 8 SCOTUS rulings in June 2013.

OCR is building a reputation as a trusted source of breaking analysis for both Ohioans and out-of-state readers.  Said Executive Editor Michael Hamilton,

“The combination of these two pieces demonstrates that OCR’s content includes first-rate, prescient policy forecasts.  Conservatives deserve to know exactly what is at stake in the deliberations taking place in Washington this weekend.”

OCR encourages all to read and share the articles by Mr. Todd and Mr. Zawistowski and to stay tuned to as it leads conservatives with breaking political news and analysis.

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