An Ohio Tea Party’s Open Letter to Congress

[Editor’s Note: The Portage County (OH) TEA Party sent the following letter to both chambers of the U.S. Congress this week as that body deliberates its actions toward the impending budget crisis, defunding the Affordable Care Act, and a possible government shutdown.  Read about all of these issues in recent OCR articles.  RELATED on OCR: “So What Really Happens If You “Shut Down” the Federal Government?”]

September 24, 2013

Members of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives,

I am writing to express what I believe to be the opinion of the majority of the 2,500 members in my organization and that of the majority of other TEA Party Leaders in Ohio. It is critical that you heed our call at this historic moment.

From our perspective, there simply is no option or compromise available other than to defund ObamaCare.  We have been told by pollsters, think tanks, economists, doctors and plenty of politicians, for three and a half years, that Obamacare will “destroy our economy” and will “destroy our medical system.”  However, the major concern of those of us in the TEA Party movement is what the loss of Liberty that a government controlled health care system, designed to control everything from what we eat, to how we live, to what we do with our lives, portends for our future and that of our children and grandchildren.

We do not need polls or think tanks or experts, or even you, to tell us that ObamaCare is not in our best personal interest, or that of our nation. We have seen with our own eyes our doctors retiring or leaving the profession, insurance premiums soaring, and employers unwilling to create new full time jobs because of the overhead Obamacare adds to that decision.  We have already been subject to the intrusive questions about our sex lives, our gun ownership, and our personal activities, that are being forced upon our health care providers by an out of control federal government.  We have seen what a single payer healthcare system looks like, which the supporters of Obamacare openly state is their real goal. We have seen it in the horrific performance of the Veterans Administration in treating our veterans, where wait times are as long as a year and “choices” are severely restricted because of bureaucratic incompetence, even when given adequate funding.

Let us be clear, this fight was never just about health care, it is about Liberty, it is about control of our lives.  No person in this nation wants our government to have direct access to our medical information, to have the ability to extort our most intimate personal information with the threat of withholding medical treatment, or wants to allow the government to be able to correlate our health records with our financial records, through the IRS. We do not believe, and never have believed, the lies about cutting health care costs or improving treatment and outcomes.  The facts disprove it all. This is not just about health care, or economics; this is about a government that wants to control everything in our lives and our unwillingness to give up our individual Liberty for anything, let alone a flawed health care scheme.

So, we say to the members of the Senate and the House, when faced with a chance to vote on such an important issue, how could anyone of you vote to “destroy our economy” and enslave our people–under ANY circumstance?  If you were under the threat of physical harm it would be better for you to lay down your own life for your country than to knowingly vote to destroy our economy or allow this government intrusion into the lives of free men and women. No one is asking you to lay down your life as so many have done for our country.  We are simply asking you to cast a righteous vote for Liberty. The pundits and Washington elitists say that you have no choice but to capitulate, and sell the citizens you swore an oath to serve, into perpetual dependency.  We say you have no choice but to protect and defend our freedom of choice as citizens, no matter what your personal cost.

We the People demand that you defend us from the personal and financial harm that this government overreach will inflict upon us. We demand that you defund Obamacare to protect our individual Liberty.  Now is the time to implement the will of the people. No other act is worthy of an elected representative who believes their oath of office and reveres our Constitution.


Thomas R. Zawistowski

Executive Director

Portage County TEA Party


Tom Zawistowski is the CEO of TRZ Communications, the Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, and the President of the We the People Convention.  He is a featured contributor to Ohio Conservative Review.

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